Laser Hair Removal At Prolase

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We had been wanting to do laser hair removal for some time now and decided to get our treatments done at Prolase. After doing research and looking into other places that offered this service, we landed on Prolase as the best option for us. One of the main reasons Prolase stood out was their super affordable prices. For upper lip, it’s only $12 per session, and for underarms its $20. They offers packages, so if you get a bundle of several sessions, the individual price will come out to less! You can see their full price menu here. Other places, charge as much as 8x more for the same treatment! The difference is pretty shocking 😱.


We’ve gone through 3 sessions so far and it’s been a great experience! If you are tired of having to shave or wax, we completely recommend trying laser hair removal. It will make your life so much easier, plus you don’t have to constantly worry about replacing those razors or booking appointments…not to mention, being hairy 😅. Below, we have broken down what you should expect as a first timer.

After calling to get our appointments scheduled, we had a consultation with a doctor via Facetime. It was very casual and they went over general questions about health background, and how to prepare for the first treatment. For facial hair removal, you aren’t supposed to shave the area prior to the appointment, however for other body parts it is best that you arrive shaved and do it the night prior.


First Appointment
We went together to our first appointment and we kid you not, the procedure took less than 5 minutes. The nurse goes over the steps, post care treatment, and answers any questions you might have. Our first question was the number of sessions we should do. It is recommended to do at least 6 sessions depending on the area, to get rid of all the hair. A lot of people think this is a permanent solution, but that’s not the case, eventually some hair will grow back so you will have to go back for touch ups. However, this won’t happen until months later, so it’s pretty great! Upkeep can vary, but typically can be one touch up each year.

Another question which we were concerned about was if there were any side effects and what to do after the treatment. As expected, the treated areas will become sensitive so you have to avoid touching the area or putting anything on top (i.e. Makeup, deodorant etc.). The nurse also asked that we do not exercise (like we need another excuse 😂) to avoid sweating, or taking hot showers right after the sessions. It’s also normal that the area be a little red after the laser removal, but it goes away pretty quickly.

Having our initial questions out of the way we were now ready for our first laser session! Although initially we were both very nervous about any pain and how it would feel, the actual process turned out to be a pleasant surprise. This might sound a bit odd but in simple terms this is how the process works; with each laser zap a poof of hot air comes out, so you basically just feel subtle stings of hot air. I (Elissa) got my upper lip done and Cristina got her underarms treated, and both of us didn’t feel much if at all any pain.


To cover my entire upper lip hair area it took like 5 zaps. Cristina maybe took about 9 zaps per armpit. If you get nervous, they have a squishy ball you can hold on to, which Cristina used hahaha. The staff was super nice and comforting, which helped calm our nerves even further.


Post Treatment
After the procedure, the only thing they suggest you put on is aloe vera and sunscreen (if the treated area is exposed). Sunscreen is especially important to reapply as your skin can get irritated easily. As far as the time in between sessions, you should schedule each treatment within 4 weeks of each other and be sure to let them know if your medications have changed in between sessions.


Thank you Prolase, we couldn't have asked for a better experience!