Faves & Obsessions

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  1. Choker effect- Not sure why, anything that wraps around the neck appeals to my eye. Whether its a high neck, turtle neck, or this choker trend, I love it! The first time I saw the FABRIC choker was on one of my favorite bloggers: Tsutsumi. Haven’t tried it on myself, but in case I’m not convinced, there's always the option of choker tops & dresses. Shop this item.

  2. Suede Bottoms - fashion did a major #throwback and brought suede back. Loving it in all shades, especially in a classic brown. Shop this item.

  3. Bucket Bags - Ever since I saw the mansur gavriel my roommate had, it was love at first sight. Love its delicate details, and the red interior is as sexy as a Louboutin. 👠 Shop this item.  

  4. Lace up flats - Super feminine while adding edge to any look. Shop this item.  

  5. Matte Finish - matte on lips is one of my favorite looks. Especially in dark bold colors, it makes me feel a girlboss, like I can conquer it all. Shop this item.

  1. Everything Pink - Stylewatch called it out and I definitely agree, my favorite new trend this spring is PINK. I love all the different hues and shades of pink but blush makes me particularly happy. The older i've gotten the more i've embraced my femininity. Shop this item.

  2. Quay Sunglasses - Since matte is super hot lately, why not have some murdered out matte Quay Aussie sunnies? Can’t wait to get my hands on these! Shop this item

  3. Daniel Wellington Watches - Damn, Daniel! Back at it again with the white face! This timeless piece is great for any outfit. the simple leather band, white face and hint of gold is my favorite! my idea of the perfect everyday watch.  Shop this item

  4. Lace-up Top - The sexy detail is great, it's subtle and dresses the neck to act like an accessory. Shop this item

  5. OPI Infinite Shine - It’s a three step set, that leaves your nails looking like you just got out of the nail salon and they last and last. I love that I am able to achieve gel like nails at home without having to pay a lot every time. Shop this item