Alba Botanica Acne Dote™ Skin Regimen

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It’s such a great feeling when your skin is clean and looks radiant, but it may take a little work to have that for some. If you’re like us, and are always scrolling through your social media feeds... it may seem like everyone is flawless. But what most aren't revealing, is that they didn’t wake up like that. Sometimes it can be the filters they might have used, however for most, it’s the great skin care routine they’ve implemented in their daily regimen. This year, we’ve both made it a personal goal, to follow a regimen so that we always have clear and beautiful skin! ✨


There are so many skin care products out there it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the options. We recommend investing in products that are made with vegetarian ingredients. When products have harsh chemicals, in the long run, they can be harmful. We are loving Alba Botanica®’s AcnedoteTM collection! And the fact that they use plant based ingredients and are cruelty-free is a huge plus!

Below are some of our 💚 products:


Face & Body Scrub

This was one of our favorites products! Since we have to wear make up quite often, we need a product that will remove all oil, dirt and dead skin. The moment you put on the scrub, your face and body will feel minty; this is great to use at the beginning of the day, when you want to feel totally refreshed and awake! The scrub includes salicylic acid and willow bark extract, to fight breakouts. A key tip, don’t put a lot on, you will see that a little amount goes a long way.

“I’m prone to getting blemishes and have always invested in acne products. One of the key things I look into, are the ingredients that it contains, such salicylic acid. This is the only ingredient I felt has truly helped me fight pimples. After using this scrub my skin felt baby soft, it was super smooth!” - Elissa


Clearing Gel Peel

You would think that because we are no longer in our teens, pimples wouldn’t be something that we deal with...but that’s not the case 🙄 We are still prone to breakouts all the time! (okay, that might be a bit of an overstatement, but sometimes it really feels like it haha). Like most of you, our skin goes through phases especially as the seasons change.

“Lately, I’ve been breaking out a lot in my cheek area due to stress so I’ve done a couple things differently. I’ve made sure to get more sleep, drink plenty of water, and use the Clearing Gel Peel. I applied it with my fingers here, but often like to use a foundation brush to apply a generous even layer. Your face will get a little tingly (totally normal) but it settles after 3-5 minutes. Once my 5 minutes were up, I rinsed it off with a warm washcloth. My face felt amazing, but I would definitely recommend using a moisturizer afterwards.” - Cristina


Pimple Patches

We’ve heard of pimple patches, but have never had the chance to use them so we were looking forward to testing these out. The idea of concentrating on the problem area in addition to your skin care routine makes total sense. We did notice that it reduced the size of the pimples, especially when using them overnight, but what we also liked was that it didn't irritate our skin.


Hope you enjoyed reading this! This post was sponsored by Alba Botanica and Her Campus Media. You can find these products at Target, Amazon, Whole Foods and CVS.